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Lemmings - Builders Help+*~.0 Lemmings - Builders Help+*~.0

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it sounds like the real thing!!!

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Chronamut responds:

only better! :P

thanks for the review!


SSBB- Stage Builder (piano) SSBB- Stage Builder (piano)

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this is awesome!!!

i have the game too and it sounds like its from SSBB!!

great job!!!!

please make more of the things from brawl

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Blue Sky Blue Sky

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Best song for games i ever heard


this song is awesome

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TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle

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the exact dark hyrule castle from:

a link to the past
4 swords adventures (i think)


Midna's Desperation Midna's Desperation

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my favourite zelda TP song!!!

its also known as minda's lament from super smash bros brawl.