Account Advertising!

2009-06-10 23:20:15 by wolflink289

Account Advertising!

Anyone who wants to get their account advertised on my upcoming flash just comment here and I will find your best flash/audio (your choice of either) and take the image (and your main image) and put it in the advertisements with your account name, best media (name and type of) and a link to your account.

It's like free advertising! All I ask is that you post my name anywhere visible when people look at your account page.

If there is not enough space in a movie/game the first few people will get removed and you will have to ask again to put it back in.

I will NOT update your info in the ad unless you ask me to.


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2009-06-10 23:52:14

Hey wolflink! I'm interested in this free advertising idea. I just uploaded an Art/Animation Demo, which I think is a well-rounded view of my talents. I also have a trailer for an upcoming series that I'm working on. Episode 1 comes out in the near future. You could use either of these, if you decide to use my stuff. Best of luck to you, man.